Dorothy Lall (2016-2020)
Improving the performance of health care delivery systems to provide quality care for persons with chronic diseases at the primary level of healthcare in rural Karnataka, India

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerpen, Belgium
 Prof. Dr. Klasien Horstman, Dr. Bart Kriel, ITM Antwerpen, Dr.Nora Enge

Anna Wolters
Co-construction of a nicotine vaccination trial and a normative agenda

Payam Abrishami
Understanding the 'real life' of medical technologies for decision making in social health insurance 
CVZ/Zorginstituut Nederland

Floortje Moes
Understanding the knowledge dynamics in decision making in social health insurance aout package and quality   
CVZ/Zorginstituut Nederland 

Alana Helberg-Proctor
Construction of ethnicity and public health

Susan van Hees
Elderly citizenship and redesigning health care

Sanne Raap
Social resilience and positivist health in a post war disadvantaged neighborhood
ZONMW 2017 - 2020

Gili Yaron
Blemished bodies. Dealing with neck and head cancer and disfigurement (VIDI project Jenny Slatman)
From protection to participation? Investigating governance of global clinical research in local practices.

Yazmin Cardena
A participative ethnography of pregnancy among adolescents of an internal displaced population in Bogot√°, Colombia (
Nuffic grant)