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Social Science & Medical Innovation

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At Tomsk, Russia Tomsk, Oblast Tomsk, Rusland


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Read the abstract of my keynote "Social sciences and medical innovations: a fruitful and critical companionship?"

Innovations in medicine and public health - genetic technologies, e-health, monitoring technologies etcetera – are commonly presented as key to improving health, wellbeingand quality of life as well as to decreasing the costs of health care.

However, new medical and health care technologies often are not implemented in practice as is promised, and innovations raise new moral and social issues. It is spoken about an ‘’implementation gap’’. These observations raise multiple questions. How are innovations in medicine and health care actually developed and how is the relationship between innovations and everyday practices mediated?How can we understand the so called ‘’implementation gap’’ and how can medical and health care innovations become attuned to the needs and concerns of different people in various contexts? How are medical innovations agendas shaped and what kinds of governance processes are,and should be involved? How do rapid scientific advances and new technologies engage with issues of public participation and accountability?

TomskPastSocial sciences play a central role in analyzing medical and public health innovations dynamics and understanding corresponding challenges.This conference aims to explore the complexity of innovation processes in medicine and health care from a perspective of social sciences, includingscience and technology studies (STS), medical anthropology and sociology of biomedicine. It considers medical innovations on different levels (from bedside to national health systems and global programs) and of different kinds (from pharmaceuticals, devices, procedures, to delivery methods and organizational structures).

The conference also aims at mapping the emergent field of social studies of medical innovations in the post-Soviet region, establishing novel connections between scholars working on this topic globally, and stimulating mutual interaction and engagement between social and biomedical scientists, and biomedical and health professionals and policy makers. The Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies and the Department of Health, Ethics and Society (Maastricht University, The Netherlands) with the support from The Open Society Foundations announce call for the International Conference «Social Sciences & Medical Innovations».

The conference is organized as a collaborative endeavor between Maastricht University (Netherlands) and Tomsk State University (Russian Federation). It will be the part of the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014. The Year of Science lives of the rich European-Russian cooperation in the field of science, higher education and innovation and will without doubt benefit strongly from your participation!

The Conference will involve

  • key-note lectures by Klasien Horstman (Professor of the Philosophy of Public Health, Leader of the Research Programme Health, Ethics and Society; Maastricht University) and Jessica Mesman (Associate Professor at the Department of Technology and Society Studies; Maastricht University)
  • discussion sessions with professionals and academics from various fields. Conference sessions covering key topics, including Co-production of Science and Society; Innovation Design and Implementation; Innovation Governance; Innovation, Culture and Gender.

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