2012GovernanceHealthcareInnGovernance of Health Care Innovation. Excursions into Politics, Science and citizenship

 Klasien Horstman, Ewan Dow and Bart Penders (Eds.) 

LULU Academic, 2012

ISBN 978-1-4466-8714-7

This book contains finalist papers from two consecutive cohorts in the "Governance of Health Care Innovation" honours programme at Maastricht University. They cover a diversity of fascinating research issues from a fresh, ‘new graduate’ perspective. 

Framed in a narrative methodology, these individual excursions take us on a whirlwind tour through governance controversies in such areas as invention, legislation, vaccination, marketization, coordination or standardization in Public Health.

Along the way we encounter conundrums surrounding cold chambers, steamveins, e-health, telemedicine, sex selection, drug and rice patenting, nano-particles, mental health outsourcing, clinical pricing and genetic insurance from the EU heartland to Brazil, South Africa and Asia.