2012 - 2016  
Funding: Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ)

In 2013 we began studying public legitimation issues with respect to decisions on healthcare insurance packages, the quality of insured care and professional education. 

This is a collaborative project with the Netherlands Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ/Zorginstituut Nederland). The aim is to foster dialogue on these issues with a view to stimulating the public’s learning process.

In the context of rising healthcare costs, the introduction of preventive technologies, the reorganisation of welfare states, political pluralism and public controversies on expertise, the public legitimation of social health insurance is less socially robust than in previous decades. In this project we investigate public legitimation issues in depth, making particular use of insights from science and technology studies. 

Reserach team: Klasien Horstman, Eddy Houwaart, Bert Boer (CVZ), Diana Delnoi (The Institute for Health Care Quality/CVZ), Payam Abrishami (PhD), Floortje Moes (PhD).