This project was dedicated to studying political particiaption in a disadvantaged neighborhhood in Maastricht North West and organized a citizen summit in  this neighborhood, based on the ideas of David van Reybrouck about the use of lottery in polituical processes.

This interdisciplinary bachelor honors project aims to contribute to innovations in local democracy with respect to public issues of health and care.

Inspired by the experiment with citizens democracy in Belgium, the 2012 citizens top G1000 (, this project will organize a citizens top in the municipality of Maastricht dedicated to health and care, the G100. The Maastricht summit  will take place november 1st, 2014.

This interdisciplinary bachelor honors project is dedicated to investigating the vulnerabilities of a technological health culture and the several ways in which policymakers,  professionals and citizens deal with these vulnerabilities.

The work of the students of 2008-2010 and of 2009-2011 is presented in Klasien Horstman, Ewan Dow, Bart Penders (eds.) (2011) Governance of health care Innovation. Excursions into politics, science and citizenship.