This interdisciplinary bachelor honors project is dedicated to investigating the vulnerabilities of a technological health culture and the several ways in which policymakers,  professionals and citizens deal with these vulnerabilities.

The work of the students of 2008-2010 and of 2009-2011 is presented in Klasien Horstman, Ewan Dow, Bart Penders (eds.) (2011) Governance of health care Innovation. Excursions into politics, science and citizenship. 

In 2013 one of the honors students in this programme, Frederick Thielen has won the 2013 ESST European Award for Aspiring Undergraduates in Science, Technology and Society with his honours thesis.  

His prizewinning essay was entitled ‘Entering your heart. How sparsely tested medical innovations find their way into medical practice’. In this essay he seeks to illuminate the complex position of health care innovations in the nexus of general (societal) and particular (private commercial) interests and how innovations are glorified and staged in order to be marketed and thus sold.