During the years I have supervised many (ca 80) bachelor- master- and honors theses research projects in the field of health sciences, European Public Health and Global Health. These research projects are characterized by a qualitative research design: conceptual document analysis, qualitative policy evaluation, qualitative analysis of care practices, qualitative analysis of prevention programmes, qualitative analysis of governance practices.    

Examples of thesis subjects.

Master Work, Health and Career

  • Carmen van Aert,  Workplace health promotion programs: bridging the ‘gap of reach’ among low SES employees (2018)
  • Maartje Schroeten, Evaluating workplace health promotion: bridging perspectives of employees and employer (2017)
  • Elke Breugelmans, Taking off the Rose-Tinted Glasses: acknowledging discourse diversity within Workplace Health Promotion (2017)

Master Global Health

  • Esperanza Housmans, Perspectives and experiences of health, vulnerability and resilience in a context of internal displacement: the case of Colombia (2018)
  • Amber Maxwell, Perspectives of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance in the Caribbean: the case of St Eustatius (2018)
  • Hyun Young Park, Antimicrobial Resistance among Global Health Professionals traveling to India: A Mixed Method study (2017)
  • Carla Rohde, Perspectives on and experiences of the accessibility of maternal healthcare in rural Colombia: the case of Tuningua (2017)