Exit and voice in the Dutch national vaccination program
Experiences of parents and professionals in different youth care settings (RIVM 2011-2013)

2011 – 2013  
Funding: National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

It is becoming clear in various countries that child vaccination programmes are less routinely accepted today than in previous decades. More and more citizens are questioning rather than routinely following professional advice.
Moreover, the traditional anti-vaccination groups –specific religious groups and followers of Rudolf Steiner – are becoming blurred and mixed with people who voice other forms of criticism or distrust. These people may not reject vaccination per se, but call for more individualised vaccination programmes.

In this project we study how ‘voice’ and ‘exit’ are expressed in the Dutch national vaccination programme, how effectiveness and public accountability are ensured, and how experts and citizens can communicate fruitfully in the context of these programmes to promote infectious diseases control and prevention. 

Researchteam: Klasien Horstman, Els Geelen (post doc), Hans van Vliet (RIVM), Pieter de Hoogh (RIVM)