‘Periphery at the centre: Towards new transdisciplinary approaches of cross-border infectious mobility’
Workshop Maastricht University

This plan was funded by a KNAW Early Career Partnership Award for Dr. Alena Kamenshchikova and supported by Dr. Petra Wolffs (Medical microbiology), Prof. Christian Hoebe. Keynotes will be given by Prof. Dr. Marion Koopman, prof. Dr. Valentina Mazzucato and Prof. Komatra Chuengsatiansup.

This workshop will bring together professionals form different disciplines to focus on the intersections between global mobility of humans and non-humans, infectious disease control practices and state-based knowledge infrastructures. The aim is to draft a future research agenda that reflects the complexities of the interconnected yet bordered world in the context of infectious disease control.

While men and microbes live in a global world with intense mobility’s, infectious diseases control is still organized on a national basis. Legal knowledge infrastructures are mainly nation based. This workshop aims to bring together a diversity of expertise, including microbiology, public health, political geography, anthropology, and science and technology studies to develop an interdisciplinary dialogue about future research and public health actions for cross-border infectious diseases control. What does it mean to re-think cross-border IDC from a position of border-regions rather than state centers? How can experiences of health professionals working in border regions inform national and international IDC strategies? How can experiences of marginalized mobile communities, such as asylum seekers and manual labour migrants inform cross-border IDC practices?