Genomics and society in the making
The case of nutrigenomics and gut health (NWO 2003-2007)

One of the main insight of science and technology studies is the idea that scientific results are not ready-made when applied in society, but that science and society are co-produced and that therefore we should study the dynamics of science and society.

In a way, this insight is taken seriously in the decision of the Human Genome Project to pay extensive attention to social, ethical and legal issues in genomics and to organize interaction between science and society. Inspired by these developments, this project studies the co-production of nutri-genomics and society.

An ethnography of big Dutch and European genomics research projects in gut health provides insight in how this research practice is attuned to ethical and social issues, for instance concerning the ideal of the ”individualized diet”.

The study resulted in a PhD thesis of Bart Penders.